Indications That Your Dog is Stressed

Our beloved dog can become anxious and stressed just like anyone of us does. Being aware of the signs the dogs show when unhappy, anxious or stressed helps you prevent unnecessary behavior as well as helps your pet live a healthy and happy life. The signs of stress are usually identified however, in times, the ways that your puppy communicates stress may be a bit surprising and subtle. The following are some of the few various ways on how your pet express anxiety or stress:

1. Aggression

Aggression towards other people and other pet animals is a very common indication of sickness or stress in dogs. If you see your puppy increasingly agitated, this could sometimes be an indicator of an underlying problem. This symptom is often associated with tense facial expressions as well as fearful body posture.

2. Loss of Appetite

Most dogs want to eat, therefore, it can be a bit upsetting when you notice them not eating. You might even see drastic loss of weight that can be a huge sign of anxiety, stress or any underlying health problems.

3. Isolation

Sometimes, it’s normal for your furry family members to seek solitude and alone time. However, they are pack animals so it may be an indication of distress when you find this common behavior on your dog.

4. Too Much Sleeping

A lot of owners with their pets along with their sleeping patterns and can determine if their puppy is sleeping more than the usual or appears overly lethargic. One of the most and first symptoms of anxiety and stress in dogs is usually lethargy.

5. Gastrointestinal Problems

Even though mainly related to sickness or allergy, gastrointestinal problems such as constipation and diarrhea can be associated with stress levels, as well. if you see these signs last more than a day, it is best to visit a professional and experienced veterinarian in order to make sure that it is not the result of a bigger health problem.

How Can You Help Your Stressed Pet?

You should basically be familiar with the regular demeanor and habits of your dog for you to acquire a better understanding and knowledge of when your pet is acting out of character. However, if your pet dog is showing any of these abnormal behaviors then, consider taking the following ways:


Exercising with your pet on a regular basis helps eliminate and prevent stress – for the two of you. Physical activities such as taking walk or game of fetching are highly suggested for anxious or stressed puppies to relieve their tension.

Visit a Veterinarian

It’s always best to visit your vet if your pet experiences sudden behavioral changes. Your vet can rule out underlying health problems and make expert advices to help decrease the stress levels of your dog. You can be referred to a dog behaviorist who can help determine the root cause of stress as well as develop a plan in order to help handle your dog’s anxiety. It’s also best that you take your pet to a reliable dog grooming Chilliwack in a regular manner.