Other Business Ideas for your Empty Lot

Having a vacant land comes with a myriad of advantages. And by advantages we mean business. A land in itself is an asset but building a property in it will make you earn more. Here are some other business ideas you can invest in if you have a vacant lot. 


Grow your own grapes and make some wine. The great thing about having a vineyard and making wine is that it won’t spoil.   

      2.Bee Farm 

Bee farms can be sustainable. You will even help the environment too should you build and establish a bee farm in your empty land. 

      3.Shooting Range  

You might want to consider turning your land into an outdoor shooting range. People will come in and pay you for it but make sure you get all the permits. 

      4.Events Venue  

You can make a stage to have your land rented for concerts. You can also have it rented for events like weddings, formal events, corporate meetings, business gatherings, etc. 

      5. Advertising  

An empty lot can be used for advertising especially if it is located near the road. A good example will be a billboard or LED ads. 

     6. Carpentry 

Another good option would be setting your land up as a carpentry or furniture shop where you can build and sell structures like furniture. 

      7. Photography Studio 

If your land has a unique or scenic view, you can turn it into an outdoor photography studio where you or other photographers can take beautiful pictures. 

      8. Art Gallery 

Turning your vacant land into an art gallery will not only help the platform but will also earn you income.  

     9.Seasonal Shops 

Also called pop-up shops, these shops can be a drinks stall, food trucks, or merchandise store. An ice cream stall will be very hot during the summer. You can set up shops of your own, or have vendors rent a spot. You can earn either way. 

   10. Attraction 

You can always build a tourist attraction in your vacant lot. But make sure you do the business well and make tourists or people be charged for admission. If not, have a gift shop or offer services that they can be interested in. 

    11.Plant Market 

If you happen to love plants, gardens, and landscaping, you can turn your vacant lot into a plant market, nursery, or greenhouse.  

     12.Training Ground 

You can offer your empty land to be a training ground for outdoor skills or hobbies. Have it rented by groups or teams to improve their skills or businesses. 

      13. Biking Ground 

Another great way to use your land for business is by turning it into a biking ground where motorists will love to ride their bikes and show some stunts.  

      14Golf Course 

If you have the resources including money, you can turn your empty lot into a golf course. The capital you’ve invested will surely return with more profits. But before you can do that you will need to clear the lot first. Kalamazoo clearing services can help you with all your clearing needs.